Noonan Reflects on Spring Ball

Todderick Hunt- SOR Editor

Mar 29, 2011

By: Todderick Hunt- SOR Editor


Former Rutgers DT Charlie Noonan

Former Rutgers DT Charlie Noonan caught up with former Scarlet Knight Charlie Noonan to discuss what spring practice is like, his NFL Pro Day experience, as well as his career at Rutgers. Check it out.


Todderick: Being that you been through spring practice multiple times, can you talk a little bit about what the guys are going to go through over the next 14 practices?
Charlie: Well, it’s a great time for the young guys to really learn the offense and the defense because a lot of them were running scout team all season so they don’t get much time to work on Rutgers stuff, for the older guys its great time to really work on their craft(technique). Jobs are won during camp however spring ball is a great time to open eyes and put you in a great position to win a spot during camp.
Todderick: Talk a little bit about the guys replacing you along the interior defensive line and how you feel they will fare in 2011.
Charlie: Well inside, Vallone and Larrow have played in games so they have the most experience and both of them are very talented. Vallone has the most experience and will be able to anchor the inside, but there are some good young guys like Kirksey I remember and Isaac Holmes when healthy can contribute.

Todderick: What were some of your spring practice reps against Anthony Davis like and how good of a football player is he? Also, which offensive linemen have you faced on opposing teams that have given you tough challenges?


Charlie: Going against Anthony was fun because he was so athletic. So you might have to hit two moves on him in case he recovered. You just knew you were getting better because he was as good as they get. Going against Howard Barbieri this year in practice every day was a real test. Howard is a really strong, tough football player. I went up against a lot of great players this year. Kelce from Cincinnati, Samson from USF. As a redshirt sophomore going against Eric Wood of Louisville was a real challenge as well.

Todderick: Charlie, talk a little bit about Pro Day and what you feel you accomplished.
Charlie: I felt like it went really well. The numbers I put up were the best if not better than the numbers I hit during training. I put on 20 pounds and I felt I carried it very well. Working out at center was a little different, but it was exciting and I think I did pretty well.
Todderick: What were your statistics exactly?
Charlie: I weighed in at 294 pounds, benched 225 pounds 34 times, jumped a 30.5" vertical, and broad jumped 8'4”. My forty was a 5.13 and I want to say my short shuttle was a 4.5. My L-drill was a 7.4.
Todderick: Which NFL teams have been in contact with you?
Charlie: Well, for now, I have workouts with the Eagles, Giants and Jets on April 6th, 14th and 15th.
Todderick: That's great Charlie! How do you feel about your career at Rutgers, and what were some of your most memorable moments on the banks?
Charlie: Well starting off, it definitely wasn’t the way I imagined it; tearing my ACL in the Big 33 All-Star game right before I reported to Rutgers. My freshmen year, however, was amazing with the 2006 success. Although I couldn’t play, I learned a lot from that great group of guys. My sophomore year, I played a little, mostly on special teams, and then tore my ACL again running down on punt. After that surgery, I really learned the power of positive energy. From then on, I only was looking forward to becoming the best player and teammate I could be. My first start in 09’ was pretty amazing, running out on the field against Cincinnati. Every bowl was fun. However, the St. Pete Bowl was my favorite because I was a starter. Being named captain my senior year was such an honor. I played my best football my senior year. Although our team didn’t finish the way I always imagined, I could never replace the maturity and knowledge I gained from that year; dealing with adversity- like what happened to Eric - and having to be the steady rock day in and day out for everyone else.
Todderick:Which Rutgers coaches have you worked closely with who have inspired you the most?
Charlie: I would have to say Coach Schiano. The way he approaches everyday inspires me. I’ve had three d-line coaches and each one inspired me in one way or another. Coach Galiano brought me to Rutgers and now to see him back on the staff is exciting. Coach Godette taught me toughness, Coach Emanuel taught me confidence and with Coach Melvin I really became a student of the game. As an older guy, I was of course more educated and could reach a higher level of teaching with Melvin, and for that, I am so grateful to have had him.
Todderick: Lastly, can you talk about the bond between yourself and Eric Legrand and how the whole injury experience was for you?
Charlie: Eric is like a brother to me. I have the utmost respect for Eric. He approaches everyday with such a good attitude. As a player, Eric was fun to watch because he plays with such passion and as a person. I couldn’t say enough good things about him. He’s funny and genuine, everything a man should be. would like to thank Charlie Noonan for participating in this interview.
Stay tuned as SOR continues to cover spring practice.