Southers Talks Rutgers & Recruiting

Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer

Jun 24, 2014

By: Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer


Jared Southers

Jared Southers

The Scarlet Knights want to add Jared Southers to their 2015 recruiting class.  They're far from alone in that.  The Seton Hall Prep standout has eight offers in hand and many more coming down the pike.


"I have participated in the Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, and Stanford camps. I still only have eight offers currently, with the most recent one being UConn. But, I feel Vanderbilt and Stanford are very close to offering me after my performance at their camps," the 6-foot-4, 290 pound tackle told


Southers went on to explain that Vanderbilt has told him to stay patient but to expect an offer at some point.  Stanford, meanwhile, says they are moving a little slower on the offensive line than other areas but they absolutely want to add another tackle and the NJ resident could very well be that guy.  


To date, Southers' other D-I offers include UConn, UMass, and Temple.  However, there is interest from programs including Boston College, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Penn State, and Syraucse.  He'll also be visiting Maryland, Virginia, and maybe other schools in the coming months, so RU will have its work cut out for them.  There are things that Southers likes about the Scarlet Knights but he doesn't hide his concerns either.


"The most important factor is academics and after that I want to make sure that I would like to attend the school, even if I wasn't playing football, and then I evaluate the program as a whole," Southers explained.  "Academically, I feel that Rutgers isn't what I would like, but I do feel comfortable there and I do have a great relationship with the staff. I'm anxious to see how they will do in the Big Ten."


Southers clarified his comments a bit, saying that there's nothing wrong with Rutgers academically, but it does not have the same kind of name value as other schools when it comes to applying for jobs.  The powerful tackle plans to major in mechanical engineering in college.


Southers isn't sure when he'll make his final determination.  The rising senior says the call could come before, during, or after the season, depending on how things play out.