Longa, Rutgers' Latest Scarlet Knight

Todderick Hunt- SOR Editor

May 25, 2011

By: Todderick Hunt- SOR Editor


Rutgers Commit Steven Longa

Rutgers Commit Steven Longa

Outside linebacker Steven Longa has committed to the Scarlet Knights. The 6-foot-1, 220 pound athlete becomes the fifth prospect to commit to Rutgers within the class of 2012.  The talented prospect is the second linebacker in four years to ascend to the banks from the diminutive Saddle Brook (N.J.) High School. Longa reached out to StateOfRutgers.com first thing this morning to discuss his feelings about his big day.


“I made my decision this morning, it’s just the right time,” Longa told StateOfRutgers.com. “There is no use letting this go on when I know where I want to be. I was going through my clothes and I came across a Rutgers shirt that I hadn’t worn in a while. Then I came across my black and red tennis shoes so I put them both on. I just felt like today was a good day to commit to Rutgers.”
Making a pledge to the Jersey-based state school just felt right to Longa.
“I just knew that Rutgers was the right place for me because it wasn’t the same with the other offers. I remember my first offer (From FIU) and how excited I was to get an offer. The only offer that made me feel just as excited was the one from Rutgers,” Longa admitted. “The other offers all just felt the same.”
Just a couple days ago, Rutgers outside linebacker coach Tem Lukabu said something to Longa that also enticed him to pull the trigger and end his recruitment.
“He just told me that he really wanted to coach me and that he has the Will (weak side linebacker) position waiting for me. He said he was just waiting for me to give them the green light,” explained Longa.
Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano’s disposition also had a positive effect on the recruitment of Longa.
“I think Coach Schiano is a great man,” Longa revealed. “He really knows how to talk to me. He told me (during the recruiting process) that he wanted me at Rutgers, and if I wasn’t ready, take my time and see other places, but just know that he wants me at Rutgers. He’s a good man, I like him a lot.”
The agile linebacker hopes to make an immediate impact within the Rutgers football program.
“I’m pretty fast and they want fast linebackers,” he said. “I provide a good push off the edge and I’m getting bigger and stronger every day.”
Longer has been working out on a daily basis with a personal trainer who specializes in the development of football players.
“My trainer works me out hard,” said Longa. “I’m up to 220 pounds at nine percent body fat, and everything is all ripped up. Plus I’m still running track so I run with the track team for an hour after school and then work out with my trainer for an hour and a half after that, non-stop.”
With burning so many calories, how has Longa added 20 pounds over the past couple months?
“Nobody understands how much I eat. My trainer has me following a very heavy diet,” he said. “In the morning, I eat four eggs along with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with banana inside. Then I eat two more peanut and jelly sandwiches throughout the day along with whatever we have at school for lunch. Then I have a protein shake, then my dinner along with another protein shake before I go to sleep.”
Longa has become the hottest linebacker prospect in the Garden State, collecting 12 offers over the past couple months. Rutgers beat out Northwestern and Boston College among many others to attain the services of the Cameroon (Africa) native.